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MP3 Editing Software Review

Why Do I Want MP3 Editing Software?

If you’ve taken the time to accumulate a digital music collection, you’re going to want to get the most out of the sound. MP3 editing software can help you breathe new life into your music files. Whether you are looking to improve the quality, adjust for imperfections or customize the sound, the editing software we reviewed is up for the task. These tools can help you to level the volume of your tracks, add effects like fade in and fade out, convert file types and even tag your tracks with artist and album information. MP3 editing applications bring the power of a recording studio to your PC. Read on to learn what the best MP3 editing programs will do, because at TopTenREVIEWS We Do the Research So You Don’t Have To.™

What Should I Look for in MP3 Editing Software?

Most buyers of MP3 editing programs are either looking for a way to add special effects to their digital music, compensate for shortcomings or possibly create their own music mixes. With that in mind we have established these criteria. The best programs do more than adjust the audio quality; they also enable users to create a sound for their collection that is uniquely their own.

There are a wide variety of MP3 editing programs, each with a rather unique set of editing tools. Most allow you to open, edit, create and save files. In addition it is common to enable cutting, copying, deleting and pasting. Some enable the editing of files graphically to make it even easier to manipulate files. Others allow for the mixing of sounds and for the insertion and deletion of sounds (or of silence). Often you are able to edit not only the sound quality but other aspects of the tracks, like artist and other track information. More advanced features include the ability to split or combine files or remove vocals from a track. Karaoke anyone?


MP3 editing programs come equipped with a number of special effects that adjust the sound to your taste and needs. These effects include amplify, delay, equalizing, fade, echo, reverb and vibrato. A common problem with digital music collections is the varying volume levels among different tracks. Many of the MP3 editing programs we looked at have the means to adjust – or “normalize” – the volume levels to maintain consistency from title to title. More than a graphic equalizer, MP3 software can bring the power of an effects studio to your home. We looked at each program’s ability to provide the most popular effects as well as advanced or unique effects.

File Formats
Digital music can exist in a number of file formats, including MP3, WAV, OGG, FLAC, etc. We evaluated these programs on their ability to support editing of the most popular formats, as well as their support for additional ones. Some editing programs even have the means to convert one file type to another.

Help & Support
At times you may find that even the most straightforward programs require more information. Most programs have a built-in help function, but are the topics most likely to cover questions adequately? Are there other means of support, such as an easy way to contact a support team or a community of users to share ideas with? We considered these and other forms of user help and support in our evaluation.

If you dream of being a digital music DJ or a studio engineer, MP3 editing software may be for you. Even if your goals are less ambitious these tools may be right for you. If your digital music collection has a few shortcomings in audio quality or if you’d simply like to add some pizzazz then you may be ready for a digital music editor. For the best MP3 editing software check out Sound Forge Audio Editor, WavePad and Audio Editor Pro. They will help you iron out any wrinkles. In doing so you may find a whole new way to enjoy your music. Be sure to read articles on MP3 editing as well.